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Zoom Room Capacity


Hi, when I schedule a meeting with my zoom account (where i also have a zoom room licence) and add a zoom room, which capacity has the meeting? The one from the zoom account (100 people) or from the zoom room (1.000 people). 


I basically want to schedule recurring meetings with our zoom room, so that our office and people in online will join. And I need the capacity of the zoom room (1.000 people)


Any ideas?





Hi yonatanlanger,

I believe it uses whoever is the host of the meeting, so the link everyone is joining. If you give everyone your Zoom link and then add the zoom room, it'll use your 100 people limit. You would need to give everyone the link/zoom room code to the zoom room so it uses the 1,000 limit of the zoom room. 

Hi Aaron, Thank you for your reply. I didnt find a way to create recurring meetings in a zoom room. If there is I can use this link, do you know of a way?
The only way I found is using the Desktop App to create a regular meeting with a zoom room added. If I make the zoom room host, would it than switch to the capacity of the room?

Hi KC-Israel,

If I remember correctly you would need to create the recurring meeting and then start the event from the Zoom Room: 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

The capacity of participants in a meeting will always depend on the type of license plan of the host.

On the other hand, the capacity of participants in a Zoom Room will depend on the plan you have:

PRO plan 100 participants
BIZ plan 300 participants
ENT plan 500 participants