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Polycom GP500 update to current firmware release


Since updating the Polycom Group Series 500 to the current firmware release of their code (Release -, the GP500 is no longer 'Registering' to Zoom.  Is anyone else seeing this?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi Mark, 


I haven't heard this from other customers.  I'd recommend reviewing the device logs to more granularly identify what the reported error is in the registration process.  If you can give us a smoking gun, we might be able to help identify why that's occurring. 


You may also try changing the registration setting for a moment and then changing it back to refresh the authorization process.


Please feel free to 'Accept as Solution' if you're now seeing success or write us back if you need more help.

Architect @ Zoom

Tried that - didn't work.  This has only happened after the update to the firmware on the Polycom.