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Poly Trio C60 as Zoom Room controller



Has anyone managed to successfully use a Poly C60 as a Zoom Room controller? I have used the activation code so the C60 is linked to a Poly X70 and can start/control meetings for the Room etc. However, the C60 does not appear in the X70 appliances 'connected devices' list (on the appliance web interface) and in the Zoom Room it is listed as iMX8 (on Android 9).

We are using the Poly TC8s in other rooms, and these display as TC8s in the room and they are also listed as connected devices on the appliance.

The C60 base profile in Poly Lens is "Zoom Rooms PC Controller".

I'm just trying to use the C60 as a Room Controller so I can utilise the C60 mic and extendable mics in larger rooms. Any ideas?



Hi Phil1,

we use a few Trio C60 in our school and they work very well as microphones and controllers. We had to face some issues close to the ones you discribe.  In our case we first had to put some hands on configuring the network that the Trios are able to receive an IP. After that I faced the same problems as you did. This was because the Trio C60 is still a phone and not only a controller like the TC8. We had to tell the Trios that they are not a phone in first place and that they can listen to other services as well. We disabled the phone-first config and it worked. The settings can be disabled in the web-GUI of the Trio:


Settings>Network>Ethernet>VLAN Settings

Disable the items:


  • LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol)
  • CDP compatibility


and restart with save.
To be on the safe side, I also deactivated the item DHCP VLAN Discovery Mode, although this is probably not necessary according to the explanations.

Hope that helps



Hi Michael

Thank you for your post and advice. I changed the settings you suggested, but unfortunately this didn't have the desired effect. On the C60 screen, going to settings>microphone or settings>speaker the only option available was still just PolyStudioX70.

I would have hoped the C60 didn't still think it was a phone as it's base profile is 'Zoom Rooms PC'.

Thanks again.