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Meeting list empty




The meeting list on the Logitech Rally plus Tab is always empty but the lunch controler feature (to remote control the Tab) show the meeting list properly.


Everything is working fine except the meeting list that display no meeting at all and the meeting doesn't start automaticaly.


We already checked that all firmware and available updates are done.


Could you please help ? 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

@erille , 


Hello, On the NUC that is running the Rally Plus are you signed in as the admin or owner of the account on the Zoom Rooms application? This could be it or there could be an issue with the calendaring system that is connected to that Zoom Room, not likely since the meetings list is showing up on the virtual controller as you mentioned. Please check that the Zoom Rooms app on the device that is running the Rally Plus software is logged into properly and also see if you can hit your exchange URL server from the NUC or whatever device is connected to the Rally Plus.




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