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Direct Guest Join


We are testing Direct guest Join with our Zoom Rooms. 

We are running into alot of issues when joining MS Teams meetings. Audio works fine but video is very choppy and freezes - External guest cannot see the conference room.  we tried firewall rules but still no luck


we are using X series and G7500's 


Anyone using Direct Guest Join successfully? what are the secrets to getting this to work ?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @mcarlin 


I have recently received reports within my company that when using NeatBar to join Teams directly, the Teams connection often drops out.
At least I don't think it is a device issue.


We have been able to use direct join successfully in the past, but are currently experiencing issues where the room will disconnect shortly after connecting. 


Some things I noticed when it worked:

1. Your LAN does not dictate the quality of the experience. The room will default to match the connection of the worst connection that joins the call. So if you have attendees joining from cell phones or hotspots the room will match them and you cannot control that. 

2. Ensure anyone sharing content from the room joins the Teams meeting with no audio selected. The echo can last way past them muting or disconnecting and is pretty annoying.

3. The room may disconnect from the meeting. When you re-join, you may have multiple instances of the room in the meeting.


Good luck

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi, Poly just released their 4.0 firmware upgrade. Try upgrading and testing again.

The experience should be smoother.




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