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Clean Zoom Rooms display outs?


I thought for sure that I heard that the connected displays to a Zoom Room on a Mac Mini had 3 display outs that would be totally clean?


They are clean for me until a 3rd person joins the call, then there is the names displayed on the screen, the number of participants, and a mic muted symbol if the Zoom Room mic is muted, and an NDI bug if NDI is being used.


I am trying to get three displays from my mac into my ATEM via HDMI and was hoping that the outputs would be clean.  Was I mistaken?


I'd rather not have to go through NDI > vMix > Outputs > DisplayPort > ATEM via another computer, just too many things that can go wrong in between.





Community Champion

Hello @muellersound - Thanks for reaching out to Zoom community and sorry for the delayed follow-up. Just checking to see if you are still experiencing any issue(s)?