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Audio/video setup for training room


Is there a way to have multiple cameras feed Zoom?  I have a meeting room where there is a very large display  at the front of the class.  The instructor or moderator is at the front currently facing the display so the attendees can see his face.  But the rest of the class sees the back of his/her head live.  Is there a way to have two cameras, one - the traditional room facing camera showing the entire class and another in front of the instructor/moderator's face coming from one feed?  Or perhaps there's an easier way??  I thought about having two instances of Zoom running but that is really cumbersome when wanting to share screens, etc.  Also, what is the benefit of using multiple viewing screens in Zoom?  I haven't researched it yet but thought this audience may have experiential insight.  Thanks, I appreciate any perspective that may be offered. 



I have a training room that is setup like this, one camera in the back and one camera in the front, thinking about it now kind of a side angle would probably be better. But anyway you can then enable multi-stream in the zoom room and it will stream both cameras at the same time. Or you can share the second camera feed.