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Zoom phone texting


Hey there, 


Is there any way to see if there is a possible update that will allow you to search for previous texts and see the threads without having to type the persons name/number and start a new message only to see older threads. Scrolling takes too long to find the thread and scrolling lags so much its insane how slow it is just to scroll back 2+ days. Thank you in advance!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @luisguerra44 ,


Apologies for the delay in response on your inquiry! I found this support article related to the use and available functionality with SMS: Using SMS. While I am not certain this will directly answer your question, it may lead you down the right path. 


I can look into this functionality a bit more a try to get you a more specific answer. In the meantime, I also welcome any Zoom Phone experts out there to chime in 🙂.


Thank you!