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Zoom phone calls in Android App break up what appears to be every three seconds


Just like the title reads, whether I am on WiFi or Cell network, when ever I take or make a call on Zoom Phone via the Android App, the call breaks in and out what appears every three seconds. I am the only one in my org that is experiencing this as far as I know. I have been through the settings, and cannot seem to see anything off. If anyone has a clue, I would love to hear it.




Does this happen even after rebooting your phone? I wonder if some other app is either using CPU or interacting with the audio?  Does this happen when not using bluetooth type headphones (i.e. non-wired headphones)?

Ive rebooted the phone, tried reinstalling the app. with nothing else running in the background, and with a load. I have not tried answering with a bluetooth device, but on speaker and handset it persists.


Hmm, have tried submitting a problem report from the app with the zoom app logs and see what Zoom says?

Only other thing I can think of is checking your phone for any apps/utilities that might be interacting with the call. 

For example, I had one user who's Zoom notifications on their phone were being modified by some kind of game performance improvement app. For some reason that app was modifying the notifications on incoming calls so he could not decline calls!

I did submit a problem report with zoom this morning, and I have made sure that no performance optimizers are running in the background. Thank you for the Ideas 🙂