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Zoom Phone desktop app not connecting on calls


I have a user using the Zoom application on OpenSUSE LEAP 15.4 Linux.  For several months he has been able to place Zoom phone calls from home but it stopped working.  He immediately gets "Called failed" and no error code is provided.  He can start a Zoom meeting just fine and send a Zoom meeting invite to others in our company and communicate.  You also can't call him on zoom.  He once brought his laptop into work and it worked again for making phonecalls but that happened only once and has not succeeded since. 

At home and work he is behind a NAT firewall.  When he transports the laptop he puts it into sleep mode by closing the lid and does not power it down so it is not rebooted and Zoom reloaded.

I am thinking of suggesting he stop the Zoom process and restarting it.  But will that be sufficient or perhaps he should reboot?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Richard,


Hope there is no change in his firewall configs ?


I would have him log out of zoom app and log back in. Even restart of the computer may help. 


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Also  I would confirm they are using a supported version now that Zoom is enforcing a minimum software version that changes every 4 months or so.

He is on a more recent version than I have on my OpenSUSE desktop.  Plus it still sometimes works.  

But it is true we need to keep our installed RPMs up to date.