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Zoom Phone Dial-in


Clients were able to contact me via phone dial in on my regular zoom meeting. Now, whenever they try, it says The meeting ID doesn't allow to dial a number. It just happened suddenly. I didn't make any changes on my settings.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Mirax 


Something may have expired.


Were they dialing in to your Personal Meeting ID - or a scheduled or new Meeting?


How old was your meeting?


Did you have other Participants connected in the Meeting at the time - and were you connected yourself?


Have you tried dialing-in to test it for yourself?  


Hello @Rupert I am still very new to the dial-in feature of zoom. They were dialing into a new meeting which I started a few minutes before they dialed in. I was connected and no one else was in the call. Does it make a difference if its a scheduled or a new meeting? 

Rubert- I have the same issue in that a meeting series I have in place for my personal room does not show any dial-in numbers to attend audio. I can not change the invitation or meeting - how do I obtain a dial in number for my personal meeting?


Check the encryption settings in your admin portal and in your meeting settings. Following global encryption setting changes, my users have reported the need to specifically include the ability to have attendees dial-in when they set up meetings. Good luck!