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Sync Desktop and Mobile Apps


When I receive voicemails, and delete them in my desktop app, they do not get deleted in my mobile app (I have not tried this the other way).  All other features between the desktop and mobile appear to be working (i.e. chats, phone history, etc.) with this one exception.  Is there a way to sync the voicemails so that one app knows when the voicemail has been deleted through the other app?


I spoke to Zoom Tech and they have told me the check our network/firewall settings.  Our IT Department has done that and everything looks fine on their end, but we are still having this issue.


Any help would be greatly appreciated with this.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I wasn't sure, so I just tested:  I deleted a line from History on my PC Zoom client, then pulled-down on the History panel on my iPhone Zoom client -- the loading circle took almost 2 minutes (argh!) but when it finally cleared, the line I deleted on the PC was also gone on the iPhone.


Then I deleted a voicemail on my iPhone, and the entry on my PC was gone in under 2 seconds.


So I'd say they do sync up... eventually, depending on, umm -- I don't know.   But you definitely need to "pull down" on the iPhone screen to start a sync process -- it might sync eventually, you'd hope.


Sorry, best answer I can come up with!

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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Thanks for the response! We will try on the iPhone, but it does not work on the Android.