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Questions about Contacts on Zoom Appliances


This might turn into a feature request thread:


Cloud Contacts

For Office365/Outlook contacts, what is the reasoning for this not appearing under Contacts?  These devices show other data (i.e. calendar events) from O365, why not contacts? I see a similar discussion here for YeaLink phones, but this also applies to any device that is provisioned under Admin>Device Management>Device List. 

My company uses Poly CCX700 series phones.


Personal Contacts and Shared External Contacts

From what I can see, even though you have phone numbers defined for a contact, the phone icon doesn't appear - only the Zoom Meet Icon appears. (see attached) - Any way that this can show up?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @psquared1976 


You are correct. The Cloud Contacts for Zoom Phone Appliances are not integrated as they are in the Zoom Desktop app. I submitted an enhancement request a long time ago. Submitting another could potentially help!


I hope that helps!