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Problems Connecting Poly CCX600


We're rolling out new phones - Poly CCX600s & VVX450s. We have no problems doing things with and to the VVX series of phones in our network or anywhere else.


The CCX however is causing us grief. We cannot get them to come up in our network. We can connect and provision them just fine in networks outside of  our network but when we’re within the confines they will not connect. When we plug them in they go into an endless reboot cycle. To try to break that then we reset to factory defaults but the same thing happens and they just go into perpetual reboot. When we watch them on the switch we seem them power up but their MAC address never registers before they reset themselves.


One observer said he has seen/heard of this before where some phones “rewrite” or “mask” the MAC  address for some reason but I can't find anything on any Poly docs about that, or this problem or any troubleshooting for it.


In short I guess that it is failing to connect at Layer 2 so there’s not going to be any Layer 3 addressing either.


Has anyone ever encountered and possibly resolved this?



Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

3 possible items to check:


1.  are your firewall rules for zoom phone and poly setup on pinnacle?

Zoom network firewall or proxy server settings – Zoom Support

Required Ports and Trusted IP Addresses and Hosts (


2.  which model(s) do you have, i.e. open sip or teams:

• 2200-49770-025 CCX 600 Business Media
Phone without handset. Open SIP. PoE.
Ships without power supply.
• 2200-49780-025 CCX 600 Business Media
Phone. Open SIP. PoE. Ships without power
• 2200-49780-019 CCX 600 Business Media
Phone. Microsoft Teams/SFB. PoE. Ships
without power supply.
• 2200-49770-019 CCX 600 Business Media
Phone without handset. Microsoft Teams/
SFB. PoE. Ships without power supply.

ccx-600-ds-en.pdf (


3.  do these phones have  firmware

Zoom Phone Certified Hardware – Zoom Support




Thanks for the response.  The issue appears to relate to a known issue with the CCX600 and Cisco 3750 Switches related to power negotiation for the port. 


Here is a link to a KB article at Poly :