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Phone calls and voicemails not registering


I've set up my new business phone number and voicemail. I called the number using another phone and heard the greeting and left a voicemail. Went to check it on both the phone app and the desktop app, but no phone call was listed nor was there any voicemail recorded. I repeated this from another phone and got the same results. It's just me so there are no other places that they could go. I've been assigned an extension so I thought I should try forwarding to user (me), but as it's just me it wouldn't let me. I'm not sure where else to problem-solve.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

Hi pod1,


Did you Select a Main Company Number.  Since you are the only user, you should have skipped this.


Note: The Main Company Number is the central phone number that callers can dial to route to phone users’ extensions. Skip this step if you’re the only phone user in the account.

Getting Started with Zoom Phone - Zoom Support


We can fix this by using the auto receptionist to route all calls to your extension.  By default, your extension number is 800.


thanks,  eliot