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Multiple Site configuration to external phone number


I signed up for a zoom virtual phone and the number is 260-299-3588. I have five laundromats that have their own landlines. How do I set zoom phone as the main number and then choose from the options to call LX1, LX2, LX3, LX 4, or LX5? 

So when a customer calls the zoom number (Main Number) which should be our main number then they should have an option to select the location they want to call.

The locations do not want their own licenses and neither they want to transfer between the locations.


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi kaykaysingh,


Based on your constraints, there are at least two possible approaches such as:

  1. Use zoom phone interactive voice response system to forward calls to a laundromat landline based on which laundromat the caller selected, i.e. for lx1, press 1.  Zoom would bill for these forwarded calls based on usage.
  2. Set up each laundromat as a site and as a user with a basic (free) zoom phone license. Use zoom phone interactive voice response system to forward calls to a laundromat zoom extension based on which laundromat the caller selected.  Assuming an appropriate internet connection at each laundromat, forwarded calls could be answered on a zoom certified desk phone or zoom phone client.  These forwarded calls would not incur Zoom charges.


The above answer's #1 answer would be the one you would want if you want to keep using the landlines at each laundromat.... 

Go to the auto-attendant for your site (or make a new one)

Assign the phone number to it

Set it to route to an IVR

Configure the IVR with the options, with each option having the call go to the appropriate "external number"