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Integrating analog RCA amplifier with Zoom PBX


Dear Zoom community


we have replaced our Cisco PBX with Zoom IP PBX 2 years ago.

All is well.


We would like to integrate our old and antiquated analog amplifier system (which has speakers through the building)

with the Zoom phone system. Can you suggest an analog gateway OR analog output which we can use to 

send output as an RCA audio ?


We would prefer to have an extension assigned to this analog output, so people in the Admin team

can call it to send out Intercom announcements to the building.





I attached a pic of my amplifier.



Check the Algo and Cyberdata supported devices here: 


Either should accomplish what you need.  You *might* need an impedance matching transformer too, but Algo or Cyberdata support should be able to advise on the connection from their device to your amplifier.


Good luck.


I will let you know if I have any further questions!


If you didn't find this yet here is a wiring diagram to connect to your TOA amplifier: It seems you need an optional module-


"The CyberData SIP Paging Adapter’s 600 Ohm Page Port output connects to a TOA 900 series amplifier with a TOA L-41S plug-in module. The TOA L-41S plug-in module is a separate component used for Page Port inputs with mute control. Please contact TOA Technical Services & Product Support for questions about TOA products."