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Hide users from Company Contacts in Zoom Phone.


Is there any way to hide users in the 'Company Contacts'  list?


When a Zoom Phone user selects 'Contacts > All Contacts' there is a system generated list called 'Company Contacts' which shows every ZOOM account associated with my organization.


Is there a way to hide some of those accounts?


I have turned off the Zoom IM (cat) functionality for my company but thought I would try creating a private IM group on the off chance it would somehow work. It had no effect on the Company Contacts list.


Is there a way of hiding some contacts from the Company Contacts list?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @JohnGarciaNC You may try to assign users to different Groups. For those users that you would like to hide, put into one group - for example "VIP Group". Once done, go to Admin > User Management > Contacts, and Unchecked "List all account users under 'All contacts'" which will disable Company Contacts. Then, add all the Groups to the Contacts page. For "VIP Group", choose "Visible to members only, searchable by members only".


Following is a sample from my lab for your reference.



For more details, please do refer to under the section How to manage contacts


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