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BYOC Routing Rules


Hello, we are implementing BYOC to leverage our existing SIP provider for calling.  In our CUCM environment dialing a 7 first is required to get an "outside line".  Zoom phone does not require this so rather than instruct Zoom phone users to begin using a 7 to dial an outside line, I would like to amend the routing rules to add the 7 to the beginning of a dialed number.  I'm assuming this is accomplished through the translation but I'm not familiar with how to write that.  Any help is much appreciated!


Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

hi tony_c,


I suspect that the cucm dial 7 for outside line is only required by cucm to route outgoing calls to your sip provider.  With zoom byoc, your users would not dial 7 to get to your sip provider for an outside line.


Zoom provides at least two byoc approaches – cloud peering and premise peering.  Cloud peering works with many sip providers.



I suggest you contact your zoom account team to discuss options.


some links on byoc:

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thanks,  eliot