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Alert in SMS


Hello. We are getting this message when we send a message to a person now on SMS
"We don't know if this number has given consent. Only message this user if they have given consent."
Is anyone else getting this? And, if the person has given consent, how do we stop this message from showing? TIA



I was just notified by one of my internal customers of the same.


We received the same error. 


I received the following from Zoom Support.  I can't include the screenshot he shared.


Our engineering team has confirmed that this warning will be shown if an SMS is sent to a new number from the customer's account when their campaign is set with below option for “Outbound messages to unknown numbers“ in campaign settings. Other options in below list will have a different warning. 


Currently we can’t remove this warning and it will be shown only first time when an SMS is sent to a new number. This error message can be ignored


The setting he is referencing is within the SMS Campaigns--> <your campaign name> -->Outbound messages to unknown numbers.  Ours is set to "Allow my users to send any message".  Apparently it is a one time warning which can be ignored.  

I did not get any explanation for it showing up without warning and not being in the release notes.  I'll keep asking.

Listener | Zoom Employee
Listener | Zoom Employee

Here is the updated support article about the opt in/out functionality.