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Switching between multiple professional accounts'



I have 3 different professional accounts from  2 different organizations and I get very frustrated as my Zoom client won't save my credentials (emails and passwords). I use strong passwords that are too difficult and long to type. That's really frustrating and I am loosing time. Why Zoom isn't proposing the different emails accounts and pw as other apps do ? What can we do about that ?


Many thanks



Hi @Milleca 


I would suggest using a password manager, like LastPass.




I wish switching between accounts was easier. I have a password manager and it's not much faster than typing manually as the Zoom client on a desktop (PC or Mac) means several steps are involved. I don't know why there's even a "Switch account" option in Zoom as it seems to do the same (to me) function as logging out. Today's one of the days where I need to switch between my personal account and an organization's account several times. 


Please can Zoom make this easier. Very frustrating to switch between work and private accounts.


Good day.

Just would like to add my voice to this thread. I was going to start a new discussion but searched and found that a couple discussions have already been started so really hoping that the developers will look into this with some urgency.


Is it possible to have multiple accounts saved within the Zoom desktop application? In doing so, when one clicks on “Switch Account” what will be presented is a list of one’s saved multiple profiles. Therefore the “switch” will be easier as one can simply click on the desired profile and proceed.


As it is now I have to be entering the credentials from scratch each time. If at least the usernames are saved it would really help. Given the nature of my job I have multiple Zoom accounts that I manage via work in addition to my personal account. A true switch would really help to make my day easier as I move between accounts.


If there already exists an option to manage this I stand corrected and I am open to receiving guidance