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sound sharing is not working




While sharing the screen,  I am trying to play and share audio files(mp3 recordings) and it does not work.


Of course, I am choosing "share sound" before sharing my screen to everybody. My zoom is up to date.


It occurs with different types of audio files, and all of those files are playing just fine outside of the sharing through zoom.


I am also making sure I am not muted...


Couldn't find any help through the web.


Any suggestions? 



I think that it is happening because of network connectivity issue.


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So I am having the same issue. I can play an audio file and or a video with audio through screen share and the out of nowhere it will stop working. However, if I quickly open up my sound tab and select Realtek Digital Output it will resume sending the audio through. I would normally then leave it in that sound setting but then again randomly it will not send the audio through. If have to then switch it back to the regular speakers setting. I have tried to disable either or speaker setting to see if that stops the problem, but it doesn't. There must be some problem within the input coding with Zoom I think. 


Me too - I have been using Zoom for 2 years now and sharing computer sound via the advanced setting, my bandwidth is great + everything as normal yet tonight it was working as if I had forgotten to share sound - coming and going for the participants.
Any thoughts?