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multiple spotlight does not work while sharing screen for Custom Livestream via brightcove


I livestream Zoom meetings via Brightcove. 


to show multiple speakers' videos I added a spotlight on 2 speakers. That works when we do not share our screens.


but when one speaker shares the screen, only 1 speaker's video is visible in the corner and it changes according to who speaks. I want to show 2 speakers at the top corner. Are there other settings available at Zoom end to satisfy my requirement?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @bmahesh0312.


This is a pretty well known limitation of streaming. The compositing of any stream output is a single video plus Shared Screen when screen sharing is in progress. Zoom Clients compose a different view based on all spotlighted participants – this is done at the receiving end, not at the sending end. Two different processes, two different results. Sorry, no control over the stream output if you’re feeding directly from Zoom. 

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