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linux Zoom client missing emojis (again)


There is currently no way to use emojis in Zoom on the latest linux Mint. The emojis menu has a download updated emojis button which doesn’t appear to do anything.


Linux Mint 21 Vanessa (Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, Debian bookworm/sid),  Zoom for Linux version 5.14.7 (2928).



Doesn't work on Fedora either. Same issue.

Works for me too, thanks !

Sorry for my stupid question...

But how can I install this from github?


From the GIST:

  Copy to $XDG_CONFIG_DIR/fontconfig/conf.d/57-add-emoji-support.conf
  Run fc-cache -f


Basically, just create a file in `$XDG_CONFIG_DIR/fontconfig/conf.d/57-add-emoji-support.conf` with the contents of the GIST file, and then run `fc-cache -f`


Same on Kubuntu 22.04 w/ Zoom v5.15.3


Similar to the reply from rocketraman, I use Fedora 37 KDE and have the same issue.


I discovered that every time I click the "Download Emoji" button, a new file named "" is downloaded to ~/.zoom/data. I have access to a Windows machine which also has the Zoom client and the content of the aforementioned .zip file is present on that Windows machine. I unzipped the content of "" into the ~/.zoom/data directory. I had a better experience during the next Zoom meeting from my Fedora computer but not complete. Emoji would appear most of the time but only when other members of the meeting used them. I still could not pick Emoji from any menu. Instead, I would get the same "Download Emoji" button.


It would be great to get a Zoom developer to see this thread.


Similar to other users, an update seems to have made a positive impact. I'm not sure if it was the new Zoom client for Linux (September 18, 2023 version 5.16.0 (8131)) or a patch released for Fedora 37. Whatever the case, I now have Emoji in Zoom.