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how to add ASL interpreter


We are non for profit organization and paid an upgrade to Business.  Updated settings to enable language interpretation.


When opening zoom meeting, I could not find ASL interpreter.  


We thought zoom provide language interpretation without cost to us. Is that correct?  If so, how can we request ASL interpreter?



You can simply assign an ASL interpreter by simply allowing the ASL interpreter to join your meeting/webinar and from there you can just simply spotlight the interpreter.

Spotlight video puts up to 9 participants as the primary active speakers for all participants, and participants will only see these speakers. Spotlighting can also be done during screen sharing. This feature is often used to spotlight a keynote speaker.

Here is the article that I found on how to spotlight participants during the meeting:

We are aware of how to spotlight speaker and interpreter. 


The question is HOW to invite ASL interpreter to our scheduled meeting on zoom?   



That's good to hear. To clarify Zoom doesn't provide interpreters, the language interpretation will only allow you to invite your own interpreters to your meetings/webinars. This means that you really need to have your own interpreters. 

To invite your ASL interpreter to your meeting you just need to provide the meeting link or the meeting ID and passcode for your ASL interpreter to use.

Here is the article that I found related to your concern:

I need interpreter for clickfunnel business Launch


I work in a non profit as well. You can have your annual subscription to Zoom (including add-ons) with a 50% discount through TechSoup. Membership to TechSoup is free and the organization has to provide information so they can verify your status as a non profit.  To access discounts such as the ones to Zoom, we pay a little fee to TechSoup.

Also, you do not need a Business account to have language interpretation. You can have it with a Pro account. 



If you have a Sorenson VRS account, they have a video training out that will allow someone to use their VRS account to access an interpreter much the same as we currently do through the VP systems.