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I need to know how to change my (default) Display Name. My Account Settings show "Don Rose" but whenever I join a Zoom session, it always displays my email address (

If the host allows it, I can change it during the session, but that's typically not the case and is very inconvenient.

Please reply with clear directions on how to fix things so my email address is not the default display name.


Community Champion

Hello @don-mchs ,


 When you click on your profile tab while logged into your account you will see a display name field that you can fill out, but commonly what I tend to see when people see their email address is that they are not signed in to the Zoom application on their device, whether that be a mobile device or a laptop. 


If you are on a window machine make sure that you go to the start menu and then start to type zoom. It will populate with open zoom app. Click to open the app and then proceed to enter your credentials to sign in to the zoom meeting client (aka the zoom app) you can check the little radio box that asks if you wish to stay signed in to the app. I believe that you will see better behavior if you are signed into the application of your true display name in meetings from now on. 


Hope this helps!



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I'd like to  acknowledge the three of you who've taken the time to reply here.



I'm a Mac, not a Windows user.  The way I ALWAYS launch Zoom is by clicking on an invitation link that arrives via email. I'm asked if I'd like to launch Zoom and I say Okay. Then, I'm in and Zooming. So, your response wasn't helpful for me.



I've not tried your checkbox permanence solution, but will look for it next time I Zoom.



Agreed. Maybe WaltHP's suggestion will work for us. I'm all about having choices stick, so we don't have to do the same thing over and over.



In addition, let's hope Zoom developers are noticing our concerns here and will respond accordingly.




During the Zoom session, in Windows, if you hover your cursor over your image box, a set of three blue dots will appear in the upper right corner. Click on them and a menu will open. Bottom item is changing the displayed profile name, with a checkbox to make the change permanent, as opposed to the change being only for that session.

We shouldn't have to do that EVERY time we log into a zoom meeting 5-8 times a day vs having it work