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Zoom quit unexpectedly


A few weeks ago, Zoom installed an update. Since then, whenever I open the app, it gives me the  message "The last time you opened, it unexpectedly quit while reopening windows. Do you want to try to reopen its windows again?" No matter whether I select reopen windows or not, it immediately crashes again.


I uninstalled and reinstalled zoom and it didn't help.


My computer is a MacBook Air, Sierra 10.12.3


I saw that some other people had a similar problem related to an app called Power Toys, which I don't have.








I have been experiencing a similar issue, only my problems started when Zoom asked me to install the update. 


I try to sign in - Zoom asks me to install an update. I tell it to update, I try to sign in again, and then it crashes.  When I re-open the Zoom app, it tells me that it quit unexpectedly and requests that I send a crash report.


When I check to see what version of Zoom I have, I still have my original version, which means the update was not installed.


I have repeated this process of trying to update and then sign in several times, but each time it crashes in exactly the same way.


My computer is also a MacBook Air, Sierra (version 10.12.3)

My current version of Zoom is: 5.10.4 (6592)

I do not have the Power Toys app.


I would very much appreciate some help. I have appointments coming up later this month that I will need to attend, via Zoom.


Thank you!


I also started having problems when I had to upgrade.  I can't get in touch with Zoom tech support.


Same thing here. Since an upgrade not too long ago. Every time I sign in, I get this error message but the software is working. It's annoying and odd and means I can't tell when there's an actual error.


My linux is also the same. Zoom will quit after I enter the breakroom then the host schare the screen. I have also updated the zoom.