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Zoom install problems android


I have used zoom and had zoom for intune (on Android for work profile) both installed for a long time however now I cant install both. I can only have one or the other. I have traced an error on this to share. It appears that zoom is using the same provider name on the apks.



INSTALL_FAILED_CONFLICTING_PROVIDER: Scanning Failed.: Can't install because provider name us.zoom.videomeetings.callconf (in package us.zoom.videomeetings) is already used by us.zoom.videomeetings4intune



Android pixel 6, or 7 pro

Android 13


You might ask why I have both? On personal side if someone invites me to a meeting I need zoom installed (won't see the work profile zoom). If I click a zoom link inside my work profile it looks for zoom for intune).


Thanks in advance for ideas!