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Zoom app window only showing Recurring meetings


I have my Zoom app synced with my Outlook calendar.

However, the Upcoming tab on the Zoom application window only shows Recurring meetings list. None of my other individual Outlook zoom meetings are showing in the list.

How do I view my non-Recurring meetings in the Upcoming tab?



If the Zoom app window is only showing recurring meetings and not displaying other scheduled meetings or appointments, there are a few possible reasons and solutions:

Check Meeting Filtering Options: In the Zoom app, there might be filtering options enabled that limit the display of certain types of meetings. To check this, click on the "Meetings" tab or section in the Zoom app. Look for any filter options or settings, such as "Recurring Meetings" or "Upcoming Meetings." Make sure that the filter is set to show all types of meetings and not just recurring ones.

Verify Meeting Scheduling: Double-check that the other scheduled meetings are correctly set up and associated with your Zoom account. Ensure that you've scheduled these meetings properly and that they appear in your Zoom account's "Upcoming Meetings" section. If the meetings are missing or not associated with your account, you may need to reschedule them or confirm with the meeting organizer that they have been properly created.

Sync Calendar with Zoom: If you're using a calendar integration with Zoom, such as Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook, make sure that your calendar is properly synced with the Zoom app. This will ensure that all your scheduled meetings appear in the Zoom app's meeting list. Check the Zoom app settings or preferences for calendar integration options and make sure the correct calendar account is connected.

Thanks for the help. However, none of these worked.

Check Meeting Filtering Options: In the Zoom app: There is no filtering option in the Zoom window. It only shows Upcoming and Recorded tabs
Verify Meeting Scheduling: None of the other meetings are appearing in the Upcoming list. All of them are recurring Weekly/monthly meetings.
Sync Calendar with Zoom: My official Outlook calendar is synced with Zoom
I am wondering if this is happening because I now have my Outlook Calendar also connected to Slack, so all my daily meetings list have started appearing there.