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Zoom VDI disconnect from AWS



We are looking at implementing the Zoom VDI system for our AWS environment. While We have successfully deployed it within our test environment following the instructions given, we have noticed one issue. When leaving for the night we quit AWS, and lock the local machine. For security our local machines are only used with user accounts. When coming back in the next day we sign into our local machines and start the AWS Client. Upon checking Zoom VDI Statistics Panel VDI Tab it shows disconnect as its connection state. Our current fix is to exit the Zoom VDI within AWS Client, restart the local machine, and restart the Zoom VDI after re-signing in. While on our end as System Administrators this is fine, our users will find this daily operation either annoying or disorienting.

Has anyone using AWS experienced this and might anyone have a solution? If we discover a solution I will of course update this discussion. Thanks!

Edit: The below Dropbox link is a ZIP file containing the VDI logs. It does look like its reporting an error.



As far as I can tell based on the logs, when a user Quits AWS and locks the local machine, if the ZoomVDI application is not told to 'Exit', when the local machine completes the sign our process this causes a disconnection between the plugin and VDI. Then the VDI attempts to reconnect for a number of tries, and eventually resolves the connection as closed, and terminates any link.