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Zoom Teleprompter app for Mac


The best teleprompter app for Zoom / Mac



The virtual teleprompter app for Mac is compatible with Mac OS and Zoom. Online meetings can be challenging for presenters who are trying to juggle speaking notes, their appearance, talking speed and all the other challenges that comes with hybrid working. Remote and physical separation might be due to loss of cohesion, however digital conferencing doesn't stop so we need the right tools to maintain effective communication.



  1. A Mac computer

  2. Download the Virtual Teleprompter app from the Mac app store

Get Started with the Virtual Teleprompter app

With the virtual teleprompter, you have the laptop teleprompter you need to complete your remote and hybrid work toolkit. You can adjust the transparency of the overlay, speed, font size, and colors. Fine-tune everything and look natural and professional even while reading or referencing your notes. The intuitive controls mean that you will look and feel confident by your very next meeting or interview.


Once the Virtual Teleprompter for Mac has finished installing from the Mac store, it will appear in the Launchpad apps.


1. Open up the application to get started.




2. The application will launch and you need to click the green "Proceed" button in the top left corner to proceed.




3. Copy and Paste your speech or talking notes into the teleprompter app and press the green "Start" button in the top left corner. Note: this might be in MS Word, MS PowerPoint or notepad.



Zoom Meeting or webinars

Open the Zoom application as normal. The critical Zoom meeting controls are on the bottom of the screen within the red box. You want to avoid putting the teleprompter app over the key controls so you can easily access the mute button, webcam on/off button, screenshare etc.

Community Champion | Zoom Partner
Community Champion | Zoom Partner

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