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Zoom SSO logging into Website instead of using installed App on MacBook Pro


I'm trying to setup SSO on one of our company owner's laptops (MacOS 13.1), and everything seems to be working fine except for one issue. The SSO login option logs the into the web version instead of the local app. Is there any way to change this, or is the webapp the only thing that supports SSO on MacOS? Tried looking up the info myself and came up effectively empty handed.


Thank you for any assistance you can provide!



hey @Sysadmin27 it is expected that the SSO login opens a webpage for the user to log in via SSO credentials however it should then show a dialog "Click Open" by your browser. If you don’t see a dialog, there's a Launch Zoom button on the page which should open up the Zoom client and log the user in.


If no succes:

What Identity Provider are you using?

Which version of Zoom is installed?

Can you check whether the browser is suppressing dialogs and pop-ups?