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Zoom Meeting link - Can I generate one with a plain text passcode?


A link with an encrypted passcode works fine. But some of my guests want to join a meeting with meeting ID and passcode.

I then send them both pieces of information in plain text.

Another example - events allow me to hide a zoom link so only guests can see the link. But I'm not able to add a plain text passcode to the hidden information, so I devise devious schemes to provide that information.


A plain text passcode in a zoom meeting link solves my problem.


Whenever I send a link to someone, I always need to send the plaintext passcode.



Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @MikeInWis, you can look into sending a invite via URL or Invitation text , however, I am a bit confused on what exactly is your issue. Are you always wanting to send via invitation text?  

Zoom Community Moderator

Have you heard about Zoom AI Companion? ➡️ Check it out!

Listener allows me to post a zoom link that can't be seen until someoneclicks on an "Attend Online" button. The link I use is the normal generated zoom link, which includes an encrypted password. That works fine for people who will join my zoom meeting by clicking on the link.

BUT, some people don't want to click on the link to join. THey want to join through their zoom app, using a Meeting Id and Passcode. (That allows them to easily change their video thumbnail name, before joining the meeting, for instance.)

How can I get the unencrypted passcode to them? Automatically, without me emailing everyone.

My work around is to put 'REF: passcode' as text in the event description. Everyone who visits the event description can see it, but the Meeting Id is only seen by those who can access the link.


Much better would be for me to replace the encrypted passcode in the link, with a plain text passcode.


Thanks for your interest!