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Zoom Meeting Controls


Hello! Is there a way to customize zoom meeting control tabs. For example there are a bunch of things on the default tab I don’t use or seldomly use such as Summary, AI companion, Apps, whiteboards. And other things I use commonly like breakout rooms. However, I now have to click MORE to get to breakout rooms when I would rather have it on the default row. Is there a way to customize the tab or if not a way to suggest Zoom changes that? Thanks in advance


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

If you're an account admin, you can disable these features for your (or the host of the meeting)'s account and they will no longer show up as options on the toolbar in meetings you host.


Note that the toolbar reflects the settings of the host's account ONLY, so if you join somebody else's meeting who doesn't have these features disabled, you'll see them on the toolbar again.


These features can be disabled at the individual profile level, as well as at the group and account levels.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

But no, there is no way to currently customize the order of icons when inside a meeting.

Please submit a feature request, as others have asked for this as well; the more requests for a feature Zoom receives, the more likely they are to implement it in a future release.

I have this same problem. It is annoying and time consuming to have to fish stuff out of the ...

and have space taken up by icons I never use.  I don't know how to fill out a feature request.


Where do I submit feature requests? I've been searching for it for 2 hours! 


And, the fact that I can't move things I don't use is ridiculous.  Even in Full Screen Mode I can't get at Reactions or Chat with a single click. 


Zoom is *not* just for business! The product got it's kick start in popularity for people to communicate during COVID.  It took a while before the security was in place for companies to adopt it.  And then they took over but you're missing a market, and the new interface is so *NOT* user-friendly. The rule is frequently used features to the left and right.  The others go up on the drop down. Let's get it right, folks!



HOW, I have spent hours trying to find this answer. thank you

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Specifically what do you need clarification on how to do?

You keep recommending that we fill out a "feature request". I have never seen one, and don't know how to find it. Apparently I am not the only one who has spent HOURS trying to figure out how to make the zoom tool panel more practical for my needs.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Feature requests can be submitted after opening a ticket with Zoom Support or by using the Send Feedback to Zoom feature within Client.



I am sad to say this will not work for me.  When I follow the instructions, there is no "help" option on my photo.  There is nothing that says "give feedback" anywhere I can find in my zoom account.  Is there another option?


  1. Sign in to the Zoom desktop client.
  2. Click you profile picture, then click Help.
  3. Click the Give Feedback tab.
  4. Enter your feedback, then click Submit.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

You will need the administrator of your Zoom account to enable/re-enable this feature.

@JennCady   God Bless You!!!!!   Thank  you!  Just finished. 🙂 

(somehow this didn't reply to your solution...)


@bstrelko  Any way you can update your answer to point people here instead?

Both Links are absolutely useless! Selecting them is a total waste of time and you still can't post a Feature Request.


Isn't there at least a forum for Feature Requests?  It's not searchable or listed.


Link 1 sends me to the page that got me here. Contact Us is a chat bot that sends me to the same page when it runs out of answers.


Link 2 tells me I can only use the client to report something IF the host of the meeting enabled the checkbox (not even a button)!

     I only see the button after *I* leave the room. 

 If the host ends it first, they are the only one who sees the checkbox.

                 It's a tin little checkbox under the End Button, and useless.


The process you should give us (also useless to report a Feature Request):

  1. Open a meeting and do *not* minimize it.
  2. Move your Zoom as far off the screen as possible.
  3. Select Video (or Audio) settings
  4. Move the in-app settings window out of the way (so you can actually DO the next few steps.)
  5. Select General Settings
  6. Scroll down to the bottom and click "Advanced Settings"
  7. In your browser, Select "General" across the top. (Default is Meetings) and even though it only applies to Meetings, it's not there.
  8. Choose the top of the two settings that are there. "Feedback to Zoom".
  9. Enable it.
  10. Start a new meeting.
  11. Click "End" meeting
  12. Click the "Give Feedback" checkbox.
  13. Finish ending the meeting.
  14. Enter your feedback in a white box, and tell them they can contact you, if they want. 

NOTE: That there is NO way to classify your 1 out of a million "end of meeting" comments  as a Feature Request or even what app you're talking about, or anything...  It's probably an AI that searches through the feedback comments to see if there is something technically broken....  But, there's not even a link to the Support page where you can at least ask the community!!




Tell me, that at least you are able to report to "someone" that a lot of people are complaining about all the new buttons that have been added  recently.  Chat and Record got pushed off earlier.  Security is the last one to leave as you shrink the window (so you can multi-task).  It's worse when you are a participant in a Pro meeting... You get even more icons -- Participants and Record are automatically pushed off the visible menu... Unless the host has disabled some of the default "features" ( Just to get them back, I think you have to disable 3 - maybe 4 items). 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Totally hear you - support is very 'pay-to-play' and I personally feel this should be democratized for all Zoom users. Previously, would route to a page where feedback requests could be submitted directly by any user, but this no longer appears to be the case.


Enterprise users and those with licensing plans that include some level of support can reach out to agents directly to receive support, including a feature request intake form.


I have also seen unpaid/non-licensed users tweet Zoom as alternative method of contact to varying degrees of success.


I will certainly bring this issue up in future meetings with Zoom Support (I'm another Zoom customer, not a Zoom employee), as well as the initial issue that spurred all of this discussion, which clearly has community traction.

@bstrelko   Thank you!!!   And, if you can edit your initial response to direct folks to the submit form on the profile that Jenn found, it would probably be really helpful to the next people to follow -- So they don't have to give up after reading the first "few" responses about there being no way to send feedback.  🙂

@bstrelko  -- I tried to delete some of my comments so that you wouldn't have people scrolling through them all to get to an answer, but don't seem to have that option.  Sorry!

** I tried to delete this after I saw you're response.  a) I didn't realize I was 3 hours "ahead" of the system clock..... b) It's good to know that you aren't as helpless as we are.  🙂


Good luck presenting / adding to the traction!!   Adding AI for anyone attending a Pro Zoom room was the final straw, you know. What is the benefit to us for them listening to us? It kind of feels like what Amazon was doing with Alexa and the only way to not be "recorded" is to not attend the work meeting you have to go to.  😞   As far as it has seemed to me.


****************************  (Below was asked and answered by our Community Champion above.


By any chance does a non-employee (Community Champion) have a method to submit comments / number of complaints?  Or as a customer are you as helpless as we are?  Please know that it's not personal. I suspect the latter is true... That you are as helpless as we are when it comes to feedback.


Do you have any suggestions for a buzzword / phrase to get the "end of meeting" feedback request elevated to someone's attention?


Unfortunately, if you can't get feedback inside Zoom, then this was a totally useless exercise and a waste of 3 hours trying to find the info in the links you gave us; finding the steps to get us to that feedback form; analyzing what disappears when AND editing my comments to turn down the flame.  That doesn't even include the 2 hours I spent trying to find a place to submit a feature request. I even tried the developer forum, but I have to be a registered developer to do that.  :: sigh ::

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

There are Zoom employees that actively participate in and moderate this forum - my hope is that one of them can please (*hint hint*) comment here or reach out to you directly to get you hooked up with a direct line for your comments!

@bstrelko  BTW ---  Sorry I didn't see the response you were typing when I was working on mine.  😞


I hope you realize, too, that we wouldn't be so frustrated if the product wasn't important to us.  At some level that's a *really* good sign!   😉


and how do you disable the meetings controls?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Account-wide settings can be disabled via the various tabs at - disabling certain features will result in disablement of respective controls in meetings for all users on your account.


You can also disable these features at the individual profile level here:

Please note that some settings at the individual level may be locked by your admin at the account level.

it is not possible to disable all this meeting controls:summary, ai companion, record apps, notes. all features i never use

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Most of these can be disabled and will not appear on your toolbar afterward. Please work with your account admin to get this done via Account Settings.

I'm the "administrator", but it's not a Pro Account.  You are the admin preventing me from disabling those new guys.  And, guess what -- I can't get to that admin, because there is no way to put in a feature request.

Bottom line is, you can't.  Most of them are not controllable in the Settings, so you are stuck with them. You can't change the order or invisible them.  It sucketh bigly!

I wish I could push "Like" 100 times!!!   See my other comments.


Oh -- If you find a forum to report the feature in, please let me know?  This is the only thread I could find. And, it "sucketh" big time.