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Zoom Crashes when I connect my bluetooth headphones


Can somebody help me with this problem. When I join a zoom meeting, I get joined but when I join the computer audio the zoom client crashes. 


Zoom Moderator

Hello! You can try these steps:

  1. Leave your headphones disconnected
  2. Get your Zoom meeting up and going with regular audio connected
  3. Then, connect your headphones

Hope this helps!

I'll try that.  Kind of reverse order.


 It doesn't help.

Very annoying bug.

Zoom Moderator

Hey @Ayush_Shinde and @botikoo, besides using Bluetooth Headphones, are you able to use your 'Same as System' in both your speaker and microphone and see if that helps or resolves your issue? This would be using your integrated speaker and microphone. Have you also tried any USB mics or speakers as well? Lastly, ensure you're up-to-date running the latest version of Zoom or it always helps to uninstall/reinstalling


Leaning towards something to do with your bluetooth. I've used AirPods and Beats Studio 3's with Bluetooth and haven't had any issues so far!🤞


Looking forward to your response!


@RN I've had this same problem for weeks now even after:

  1. uninstalling & reinstalling
  2. ensuring everything is updated
  3. trying different bluetooth headphones
  4. double-checking that all system audio settings are correct

I log into Zoom early before morning meetings to try to prevent it and the audio will work perfectly when I test everything, but as soon as I click "join audio" on a call, it crashes.  Really sucks; not a nice way to start the workday. 😞


Def a bug from the Zoom side, since it happens with multiple types of headphones.

Zoom Moderator

Hey @AJO@Ayush_Shinde , and @botikoo. Before contacting our support team to further investigate, gather logs, etc., to see what is going on. Do you know if your Bluetooth Drivers, Audio Drivers, and Operating System are up-to-date as well? Not just Zoom?  Have you had problems before with other applications?


Lastly, I would encourage opening a ticket with our Zoom technical support and  sending a problem report and client logs

Zoom Moderator

Hey @paulstevensqban , @AK12 , @Awilliams23, and @Stringfellowww, prior to my response ⬆️⬆️⬆️


Do you know if your OS is up-to-date? Not Just Zoom? Are have you had any problems before with other applications? Are the Bluetooth headphones compatible with your devices? 


In the meantime,  I'd recommend also opening a ticket with our Zoom technical support and  sending a problem report and client logs


Hi all,


I too am having the same issue, i have tried different Bluetooth headphones. I have the latest version of Desktop Zoom for Windows (Version: 5.8.0 (1324)


I have the same issue and my PC is brand new. IT has had me install and reinstall Zoom. I've connected and reconnected my bluetooth headsets, but Zoom will freeze if I connect with them, even after joining the call.  Sometimes it doesn't recognize my speakers at all so then I have to join via my phone which takes a couple of minutes so I miss some of the calls.  Frustrating because I'm not that inept with technology and it does seem to be a software issue, not a user issue as I've read several threads just by Googling, spanning multiple years.


Has this issue been resolved yet? I have not been able to fully use zoom due to this issue, and it only happened after I received a zoom update. 


This same thing happens when I use ear buds for my iPhone.  I have to press Settings  and turn off Bluetooth.  It appears the use of these new technologies aren't ready for prime time.  More research and development is needed.



Hi Zoom,


I been using my bluetooth headset for almost one year with same laptop configuration. No problem at all.

But recently, when I joined a call, the headset audio/ headphone stereo dont have any audio at all.

When I switch to built in speaker, then you can hear it.


FYI, the bluetooth headset is well connected to the laptop and I can play audio via Youtube or Spotify with no issue.

If I restart my laptop, then I can hear the audio back from headset/ headphone but the issue will return after a while.


Kindly help to address this issue and fix the problem.



Same here. Very annoying. Zoom with BT headphones stopped working on 2 PCs of mine. 


The issue is not cause by the BT mic but by the BT speaker part of the headphones. When I go to Zoom Audio settings, I see the "speaker" is running from max to min volume non-stop without me doing anything. 


Are you even testing your updates??? 

Switching to Google Meets because Zoom is not usable because of this.   Good bye.  


I've been experiencing multiple failure modes with Bluetooth headphones and Zoom. I have a pretty simple solution.


  1. Kill all Zoom processes
  2. Toggle Bluetooth on the computer
  3. Reconnect the Bluetooth device
  4. Restart Zoom



I've been having the same problem as well. Installed latest version of Zoom.  Reported it to our IT department and still no resolution after many attempts. I have to use my Jabra Bluetooth headphone instead which has NO issues. Please help. Thanks!

To clarify, this only happens with Airpods thanks to Apple! Still using Jabra and no crash issues. I miss my Airpods! 


When is zoom fixing this issue? Im experiencing the exact same issues described by multiple people here. a solution is needed!!

Zoom Moderator

Hey @mdpaige @Ayush_Shinde @egarcia1 @redmike @joedoe@wardi_iswali @Awilliams23 @Stringfellowww if you've attempted the above troubleshooting steps from my reply I'd advise you to double-check the following:

  • Are you able to use any other Bluetooth device?
  • If your Operating System supports Bluetooth?
  • Are there any Operating system updates whether you're running macOS, WindowsOS, Android, or iOS?
  • Ensure you're up-to-date running the latest version of Zoom or it always helps to uninstall/reinstalling
  • Attempt to use other headphones such as USB or your internal microphone in your operating system. 
  • Attempt to uninstall/reinstall your Audio Drivers on your Windows OS or any specific drivers for your device

Try disabling the following as well in your Zoom Settings > Audio if enabled as High-fidelity music mode and stereo audio can increase your CPU utilization (more processes for your CPU) and network bandwidth. 


Screen Shot 2021-11-12 at 2.20.14 PM.png


I'd recommend also opening a ticket with our Zoom technical support and sending a problem report and client logs as they can further investigate what you're experiencing in-meeting and to further see what's going on with your Audio connections within Zoom. 


Zoom uses any available and/or compatible input that your Operating system has recognized, and since there are many several different wavelengths of communication from your Bluetooth Headphones to your device and to Zoom there may be some interference within. 


From Personal experience, I am using a macOS with Airpods and have no issues running the latest version of Zoom. 

Yes. None of these solutions work. I'm still dealing with the crashing and nonconnection issues.


I've experienced similar problems since some time in October. If I try to record a meeting, I get a message saying the recording will be without audio as my microphone and speaker are not working properly, when I'm on a call no one can hear my voice and when connected to Bluetooth headphones Zoom periodically crashes when trying to enter a meeting. I'm using Toshiba RZE-BT180H Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Zoom 5.8.3 (145) [Free Account] through Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS installed on a Lenovo Thinkpad E540. Before October, the headphones worked fine with Zoom on the same laptop and OS, so they're not incompatible with either and the fault is not with the headset, since it still works as expected with Telegram, Google and MS Teams calls. I don't have other Bluetooth devices to test with and my built-in microphone stopped working last year; that's why I have Bluetooth headphones.


It seems in my case as though the problem was being caused by Zoom suddenly, for some reason, automatically using the A2DP audio sink, which then does not allow input from the headset microphone. I cleared (after backing up) the `~/.zoom/.data` directory and then, while in a (test) call went into the system sound settings and changed the output profile to  HSP/HFP and this seems to have at least temporarily resolved the issue.


I hope this work around can help someone else as well.


PS: To whomever maintains these forums, I posted this message before, it's my first message on the community and it then took me to a place to choose a username, and once I'd done so, my post disappeared. This is immensely infuriating, as I'd spent a long time writing the post and now had to rewrite it. Please write proper software that asks a new user to select a username before they write their first post!


Same bug for me, even new version....


Windows 11 fixed the issue, but not ideal


Having the same issue - using an M5 Mpow Pro headset, fully updated Windows 10, most current version of Zoom client. Zoom, please help!!! This is a serious problem that started around 2-3 months ago and I just realized I am not the only one. There must be millions of users thinking it's just them as well. This must be fixed ASAP. Wired headsets are not a solution (they work) - so many people work with Zoom from home and need to roam around if needed. Help!!!


I am facing the same issue with Bluetooh  freezing zoom! I have tried with my Jabra PHS002W speaker and also with Sennheiser CX400 BT TW earphones, same issue. Both these devices work perfectly fine when using any other system audio or Google Meet. I am using a latest Dell Latitude laptop with fully patched Win 10 and most upto date Zoom app. 

With so many people complainig about this and Zoom does not seem to have any answers! This is frustrating! 

I know, very frustrating indeed! Anyone at Zoom taking action?