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Audio settings


I just want to share my expierence with something very simple that took me hours to solve. So I hope the developers that look at all our user tools and settings can make this better.

I needed to connect the sound of the meeting to a Bluetooth speaker. 

It took me 3 hours to find out, so of course I missed the meeting.

I asked your chatbot: where can I find the audio settings?

Chatbot answer: I did not understand the question.

I got not one answer from the chat bot.

Bing was better, said I had to click the 'gear icon of settings' and that I could find this if I clicked on my profile.

My profile was nowhere .

After 2 hours of browsing I found out that I could do a test meeting. There I found out that your audio settings are hidden under the microphone icon.

My suggestions: 1. replace that microphone icon for a normal sound icon. Or name it audio in/out.

2. Work on your chatbot, it understands not even the simplest of questions.

3. Make sure that as soon as somebody typs in 'audio settings' in your help- or searchfunctions, that you give this very simple answer : click the microphone icon in your meeting.

Don t start giving all complicated advices about communities, licenses, terms and guidelines, membership, buying and signing in possibilities, and who knows what.

It s very simple but you made it incredibly complicated and I missed 2 meetings because of this lack of giving a practical answers to a very simple question.

Thank you for reading.