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Zoom Client on Mac not connecting




My Zoom client app on my macbook was working perfectly fine but will now never connect. When I launch a meeting, it just says connecting over and over and will eventually time out and say check your network connection, however I have and my internet and connection is perfectly fine and everything else works/loads. I decided to uninstall and reinstall the app, and that didn't work. I have restarted my macbook multiple times and I still can never connect to the meeting or even sign in to the app anymore. I am still able to join through the web browser, but it's just annoying.


Any help would be appreciated!


Community Champion

Hi @meghanmcclurg thanks for your post on the Zoom Community! Can you possibly provide a screen shot of the error? Does it say anything about Proxy? 

Here is the screenshot. I've never changed any settings so I'm not sure why I would be getting this error now.

Hi @meghanmcclurg you may be experiencing an error that others in the Community have seen, and found a resolution for! I will drop the link in here


If you are able to return and mark this one as resolved we will know the "fix" worked for you too! Thank you.