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What's the best solution for adding in alternative hosts?


So here's the situation - I have a licensed account, and the two other people who are helping me moderate this weekly meeting also have licensed accounts - but we don't work at the same organization. We are alternatively hosting this meeting as a extra curricular activity, yet we all have licensed accounts at our respective places. 


The reason why we have alternative hosting is so that I don't have to run these meetings every week, but it looks like that if I want them to host,  I need to start the meeting and then transfer hosting abilities. Is there a better option other than purchasing licenses for them under my organization? Please help!


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I believe you can give them your host key and that would allow them to claim hosting duties without you on the call. You would need to switch on 'Join before host' and switch off 'Waiting room' in order for this to work though. More info about host keys can be found here: