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Voting in polls in meeting


We often have 2 or more people sharing one email address.  This means that they get to case a SINGLE vote on polls.


Is there any way to allow or assign more than one vote in a polling response from a particular email?


As we understand it, polls means ONE vote per distinct email attendee?


Related to this would be:  can polling handle the idea of proxy voting on one email?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Polling is limited to one vote per participant. You would need to download the polling report afterwards and adjust the numbers to compensate for participants that have more weight per vote. 

We need to hold a shareholders meeting on Zoom. Some of the shareholders have been given proxies by other shareholders. (As a random example, shareholder John Doe holds proxies from three other shareholders, enabling him to cast four votes.) If the meeting were to be held in-person the vote would be by secret ballot. (And using my example, at the in-person meeting John Doe would be given four ballots; one for himself and one for each of the three proxies.) I understand that a poll on Zoom can be conducted anonymously - the host knows the number of votes cast in total and the distribution between for and against votes but not the names of the persons who voted or, thus, how any particular person voted. Is there a way to have a secret ballot on Zoom while accommodating proxies (given that the poll will allow only one answer per e-mail address)? Or would we have to let the host see the names of those voting and the answers they gave, so as to be able to adjust for proxies? (That is, John Doe voted for and he has three proxies so that should be counted a four yes votes.) That would make it impossible to have an entirely secret ballot in a case where proxies are allowed.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer



As Bort indicated the polling in Zoom is designed for 1 vote for 1 user.

Your use case is not very main stream. Perhaps there is an application made for this task that you can use in conjunction with Zoom?

I know I’ve seen people use external

polling tools like Polleverywhere in a Zoom session.

Perhaps there is a proxy voting app you can leverage?



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