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Virtual background on a Mac version 10.15.


My virtual backgrounds are not uploading and I have a Mac version 10.15.7. Please help


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hello Shawnpatterson,


It sounds like you are trying to upload your own custom backgrounds. If this is the case, please ensure that you have the option Allow users to upload custom backgrounds enabled in the Zoom portal under Account management -> Account settings


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I tried your suggestion which was not helpful. There is no such option avail as  'you have the option Allow users to upload custom backgrounds enabled in the Zoom portal under Account management'  on my end at all. 

When you suggested it was it only for paying zoom customers? because zoom allows anyone to use their product, however restricted.

Does anyone have any solutions for using a virtual background WITHOUT a green screen for customers who do not yet have a paid subscription account to zoom?


I have always been able to use my background (even on my mac), all of a sudden Zoom starts doing various updates and no backgrounds are working. I noticed unlike MsTeams - zoom does not offer backgrounds of their own to use, whereas when you open MS Teams they have some backgrounds (however not totally professional) readily avail that you can use. 

It is unclear to me why zoom did this in the 1st place, I just dont understand why they would want to do this to their customers whether paid customers or not. 

Also I checked the system setting that zoom claims you need to use the virtual background without a green screen - I am running Mac OS Catalina, which is 10.15.7, this is higher then the suggestion from zoom of '10.13 or higher ' - still the virtual backgrounds are not working and it keeps asking for a green screen.   Why? when my settings are higher as it is.    Should we all run out a ppurchase green sheets or something, what should the rest of us do who work from home , have a family and need a background for virtual meetings?