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Virtual background: it is about the basic right to privacy!


Dear Zoom Team,

I've been an online tutor since pre-pandemic and have recently stopped using Zoom for one reason:  lack of privacy, because the virtual background feature requires specific hardware,  ... This is not acceptable!


During the pandemic, my students were sharing mobile phones, tablets and laptops that were available to them. And since they often sat at a table in their own private space, be it their bedroom, the living room, or on the floor in a quiet area of their home, they couldn't have a virtual background for privacy (I have to use a physical screen behind me when using Zoom).

Skype and Jitsi recognised that people didn't want their private space to be seen with the introduction of a choice of virtual backgrounds (blurring too), without the need of specific types of motherboards or graphics cards. I thought that was very thoughtful and considerate. Students (and educators too) need some basic privacy when learning (teaching) online. It is not too much to ask!

A virtual background would also benefit a whole host of organisations, where the participants to a meeting don't want to feel intruded upon in their private space, particularly in meetings where people don't know each other.
If Skype and Jitsi can provide a virtual background without requiring specific types of motherboards or graphics cards, surely Zoom can do the same.


I will not be using Zoom for my lessons and will not renew my membership till this issue has been addressed.


Note Taker


Hi, RNelladC.

Thanks for the suggestion! The Zoom Community is not a place where feature requests are tracked, so I highly encourage you to submit this idea within the feedback form:


Please remember to mark responses as accepted if they resolve your issue.
***Sometimes success is only achieved through many failures!***