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Virtual Background keeps turning off/not showing when I start new meeting


I've been using Zoom for 5 years and have used it heavily the last three years.  I've always used a virtual background with a custom picture, no issues.  Recently (within the last month), there are many times when I connect to a Zoom meeting (created be my or created by someone else, doesn't matter) and my virtual background is not active.  I have to go into settings and select it again.  It's like it's not sticking - doesn't always happen, but happens enough and catches me out when I just click into a meeting and then suddenly realize my background isn't virtualized.


I've read community posts, searched solutions.  I've logged into my account using the page, gone to advanced in meeting, made sure virtual background is turned on.  My custom picture is in the mix of pictures.  The setting is active on my Zoom app - but it keeps happening.  Not sure what the issue is as I've done nothing different in using Zoom.  This is on the same PC I've been using for three years, no new hardware, no new OS, etc.



I'm having the exact same issue, and it's been since the last update. Really not good, as I work from home and need the virtual ackground to work. I've seen some posts from Dec and Jan with the same issue that have not been addressed. Zoom, please look into this ASAP!


Thanks for confirming - I'm so used to virtual background being on for years, that it's caught me out a few times - turning on video without checking to see if the virtual background is set.  Not very professional to say the least.


Same has been happening to me. Nothing has changed on my end - same PC, same settings. Background pic is always still there, just not staying on. Very frustrating.

Same here. On a Mac running Ventura.