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Using shared screen as virtual background


Hi, I would like to use my shared screen (currently using Onenote) as the virtual background, wondering if this is possible pls? I write quite freely during my lessons, so using Powerpoint as virtual background doesn't really work for me.


Intention is to have a 'human cutout' of myself talking next to the screen as I'm writing - think this makes for a more immersive learning experience.


Any advice is greatly appreciated, tks!






That's not a feature yet -- though I love that you're using the PowerPoint option, I keep recommending it to folks!  I would request this as a feature either to Zoom directly or to your sys admins (or both, it doesn't hurt).  One thing I've loved about Zoom is they try to be very responsive to feature requests, though this one might be a bit difficult to do.


The other option would be to use something like OBS Studio to build a scene with your shared screen and image to share if you are tech savvy and interested in a challenge.  OBS Studio is a great piece of software.

All advice is YMMV - options may differ according to the settings in your account. If your account is provided by your university/company, contact your tech support for assistance.