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Unable to log out


Hi all,


I've had a free basic account for a year or so (email address A). I've just got a new job, and my workplace has given me a license as part of their Enterprise account (email address B). However, I am unable to sign out of my basic account, which has somehow become partially linked to my workplace.


I click LOG OUT, but every time I visit I'm still signed in with email A.

I click SIGN OUT FROM ALL DEVICES, but every time I visit I'm still signed in with email A.

I have logged out of and uninstalled my desktop client, I have removed from my browser history, removed all zoom cookies, cache, etc, restarted the computer, but every time I visit I'm still signed in with email A. How is this even possible?


How do I log out of email A and log in with email B? How do I unlink email A from my workplace account?


Any help and advice gratefully received.



Hi @simon773 


I am not familiar with - this actually does not appear to be a valid name - at least from the outside.


Are you able to login to the regular Zoom URL - like


Have you tried a private browser window?

If your Address A account has truly been adopted into your Address B organization, you may need to ask the Address B Administrator to unlink it at ad Admin level? Did you ever provide your Address A account info and agree to link from your end?

Hi Rupert,


I am not familiar with

Right, sorry, that was just an example to avoid me publicising my actual workplace's custom zoom link.


I can log in to (without the custom subdomain) as Address A. It shows me as having a basic account, with all the associated limitations, but as a member of my workplace's Enterprise account. I am unable to delete the account.

I cannot log in to (without the custom subdomain) with my workplace details.

I can log in to with my workplace details on a private browser, which surely means that there's something in my normal browser that's keeping me logged in with Address A, but what? That's malware-like behaviour, isn't it, if I'm clearing the cache / history / cookies?


Anyway, thanks for the reply, I'll see if the workplace admin can remove Address A from their system.

Hi @simon773 


Are you using an organization provided computer, or are you in a domain-controlled environment? Such a setup could easily redirect your logins (or detect your local login) - but it does also sound like your account has been adopted into the Enterprise account.

I'm working remotely on a personal desktop. I've tried changing the sign-in address to be Address B, but get an error that Address B is already in use. But even aside from the issue of Address A being linked to the Enterprise account, surely I should be able to log out? Where on my computer is the information being stored to keep me logged in?


Edited to add: now, bizarrely, regardless of whether I go to or, I have no way of changing the password or updating an email address. There's no option in the account profile settings. I have no idea where the password is being stored, as I deleted it from Firefox.

Zoom Moderator

Hi @simon773 ! So sorry to hear you're having trouble logging out. Have you tried switching to a different account?