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Two accounts linked to two google accounts


I have two Zoom accounts for two different businesses, and they are both linked to different Google accounts.   I am running the Mac client, and when I go to Sign in, and I click on Google, it uses the first Google login, but not the second (I'd expect it to prompt me, like every other application does.


I tried switch account, I tried Sign out, none of them will let me sign into the second account.


and worse, I can't seem to unlink one of the accounts to my google account to give it a  "traditional" username and password.

What can I do?



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



 If you are using safari which it sounds like you are then this is a limitation of the Safari browser. If you use Chrome, which I recommend then you can link both of your google profiles to your chrome browser and when you click on the google log in it will provide you with a choice of which account that you would like to log into. 


I hope that this helps. My other recommendation would be to switch from one profile to the other when logging in and out of Zoom through Google. That has worked best for me. I have a work google login and a personal email google login for Zoom. 




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