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SAML Mapping License type... remove/change a license


Creating SAML integration with Zoom via Okta.  All is going pretty well ..but... ya knew there had to be a but,  I can't seem to revoke/remove a license from a user based on group membership .


Enabled SAML for SSO into Zoom (Okta) - Check
Apply license based on Group Membership - Check

Revoke license when removed from group - FAIL


Created the SAML integration.  In Okta enabled the UserGroup mapping so SAML passes the group memberships. In Zoom SAML Response Mapping I set License type based on group name.  If a user is a member of a group (Zoom-Licensed) the user is assigned a license  This seems to have worked fine.  The problem arises when I need to remove a license from a user.  I would prefer to simply remove them from the Zoom-Licensed group and have the license revert to basic.  This, however, does not work.  It appears the licensing /group membership is evaluated once.  


Am I missing something?

All feedback/suggestions welcome


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


    Want to confirm you followed the instructions for the SCIM with Okta. For updates to existing accounts you would need SCIM.


I hope that helps!