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Remote Control Not Showing Up




I use has an option to give remote control, but for some reason, it's not appearing as an option. Yes, in my settings I have toggled ON remote control. I'm using a desktop Windows computer, I'm running Zoom 5.8 and it's still not working. I do have the free version, has Zoom made anything changes I'm not aware of? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @Chrissy1 


Windows changes are logged at the link below - but I do not see anything recent related to Remote Control.


Are you the Host in your meetings - and is another Participant requesting remote control from you? 


I have the same problem as today. I was surprised the remote control button was gone when I shared my screen. Any update about this issue?


Here's what they told me...


The following steps should help get the old installation cleared, and get Zoom reinstalled and working for you.

Could you please run the CleanZoom application in the attachments, and then restart your computer when it's finished?

Once done restarting please visit this link this will automatically download the newest version for you.

Please install this version once downloaded.



That didn't work for me.  Still no remote control option.

It didn't work for me either...


same here. not working either . the remote control button is disappeared! advice wanted please 


what s going on ? The remote control disappeared on mine too. I pay monthly but cnt get a live tech support on they say i dont have that in my service agreement. So how do we get to fix their glitch ???  The is ridiculous !!!!


It is ridiculous! I noticed the same issue on my account. I recommend emailing support, that's my plan.


I am having the same issue. All settings are in place but I cannot get the remote control icon/option to display. Really disappointed right now because I am trying to use this to share features with colleagues. 


Just FYI I have ver 5.4 and have both buttons (tool bar and screen share)  Test user ver 5.7 only has screen share

So you're only able to see screen share, that's it?


I have Ver 5.4 and this is my toolbar.  My other user who i tested with does not have the support button



Everyone doing a screen share has this toolbar to do remote control.


I had this issue today while conducting a remote training session. I ended the session and then tested with a coworker and the icon was there. Why would it be there for one and not the other?  made no changes to any of my settings. This has always worked for previous training sessions. Can someone help me out? Could this be due to the version the other person has? 

Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

By now, most users have installed the minimum version for remote support sessions, but there are many users that do not have the full desktop client installed and are just using the web client instead. Unfortunately, I do not believe the web client supports remote support sessions. 

Thanks, I thought it might be due to the version they are using. I will get them to install the full version and see if that fixes the issue. 



Was there a solution? I have reinstalled, all my settings are good but the button seem to have been replaced by apps. I really need it for teaching.

^^^This is me^^^.  No more remote control button, replaced by apps.  No warning that this was going to happen, and no information on how to fix it.  This means that utilizing Zoom for conducting remote online notary sessions is done.  Thanks Zoom.


Is there a way to get this answered?  It seems like this question is affecting a bunch of people.  


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi  @Karen7 Do you currently have a Windows computer? If so please follow the advanced CleanZoom troubleshooting procedure:

1. Please quit the Zoom app.
2. Download CleanZoom by clicking here:
3. Run CleanZoom.exe+.
4. Restart the device. (VERY IMPORTANT)

Then re-install the Zoom application.

1. Navigate to Zoom’s Download Center and select Download for Zoom Client for Meetings.
2. Run the downloaded installer file and follow the instructions to install.


Once done, try having someone join a meeting and test again. (there must be a participant in the meeting to remote control). Then click on Remote Control and click on the participant that you want to give access to. This is what it should look like:



Referenced Article :


Zoom Community Team

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Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

No, I have a fairly new Macbook.  The participant on the Zoom has a windows machine I think.  And I think he is probably accessing it from a web browser.  Might it be his functionality and not mine? 




Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi Karen! That is correct. Please ask them to join the meeting using the Zoom Desktop client. The remote control feature cannot be accessed via web browser at the moment. 



Zoom Community Team

Carla (she/her/hers)
Zoom Community Team
Have you heard of Zoom AI Companion?

The remote button only disappears and is replaced by "annotation" haphazardly for me.  I tutor 10 students a week, and this happens about once every 2-3 weeks with no rhyme nor reason.  sometimes, both of us signing out and me restarting it fixes it; other times, it doesn't.  Zoom really stinks when you figure how much you pay, yet you cannot get any help.  I pay $140/yr.  I'm looking at going to google's Meet, despite not being keen on Google.  at least it's free...


I have been having issues with my remote as well and though I barely use it or can get by without it some days, today I really needed it and it was frustrating trying to deal with this.  Seems like a very poorly thought out move, unless there is an alternative I am not aware of.  I have clients who don't have zoom and work in a formal office setting or have work equipment where telling them to download a program is simply out of the question.  They will need to put a ticket to IT to do that and usually takes a couple hours to days especially in big organizations.  What was the point of this? To sell the app?


I am having the same issue.  Seems overly complicated to try and get remote control going.  Makes things more complicated for my clients and myself.  I need it for teaching children.

Zoom, can you please make remote control available on web browser again?

Any updates on if this might happen?

Thank you


Same issue here.  We are exploring other options like Google and Microsoft.   The constant sound of crickets from Zoom on this issue are completely unhelpful and the worst possible way to respond to this situation.  We are left with: 

1) Do they know it is an issue significantly affecting their customers?

2) Did this happen by mistake, or design?

3) Are they planning another pricing point for the ability to use remote control?

4) Since they do not acknowledge the existence of the problem and are not responding to it, which is the best alternative meeting vendor I should use?

  Hey Zoom, get on the stick here!