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Registration form with required question


For my webinar I had registration form with the phone number required.
But I don't have half of the participant's phone numbers. If I try to fill out the form I can see that the field is not required !


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Seb4686785, when you run a registration report, you're not seeing phone numbers populate? Have you double-checked your registration settings for the Webinar to ensure that registration is required and saved?


Zoom Community Moderator

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Thanks for your answer.
As you can see on attached file yes I double-checked that field.
If I open the registration form setup I can see it. But you still can register with a blank phone field...
How can that be possible ?

This looks like a bug as we are facing the same thing. Here is the experience:

1. Under Registrations..Questions and check the box for Phone and State

2. Click Save
3. Log out and log back in
4. State and Phone show unchecked even after we checked the boxes and saved

Here is a workaround
1. Check the box Required on the top right
2. This will check all the boxes
3. uncheck the fields you do not need
4. Leave the check on Phone and State

5. Save. So far this has been sticky.


We started seeing this happening mid -December




A recent staff member was having the same issue. The first column (Enabled Fields) must also be checked for the fields to appear. Both columns: enabled fields and required must be checked off. try that out and see if it works!