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Recurring Meetings with Individual Meeting IDs


Our organization uses Salesforce to track meetings and it's great that both Salesforce and Zoom are integrated in Outlook. For individual Zoom meeting, we can easily log the meetings to Salesforce through Outlook, but it does not work for recurring Zoom meetings. I believe it is because it uses the same meeting ID for each meeting. Is there a way to create recurring meetings that use different meeting IDs for each occurrence? Any workarounds to this?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi @MWebb 
On the zoom side, a reoccruing meeting, by definition has the same id
if you use the API to create a new meeting and loop it, then you will get different ID's
so if you created meetings in Salesforce and then used Zapier to connect to zoom and make the meetings?
I am not a Salesforce user, but I do this in another CRM app
all the best


Thank you, John! I will try this out.