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Recording video of guest participant only



I only want to record one person in a two person meeting - but my guest, not me the organiser. We use these recordings as video testimonials from our clients and, with normal recording settings, when I ask a question the recording doesn't switch over to the guest until a moment after they've started speaking - leaving me on the screen for a few frames. This is really annoying and tricky to edit.


I've tried pinning the guest on my screen, but that doesn't seem to change the video recording, which still records me when I speak and leaves me on screen as the guest starts to speak.


Is there a way I as the organiser can set meetings to only record the guest, even when he/she is not speaking?


Thanks for any tips!



Same issue.


Actually just figured this out.  Go to gallery view and select "pin" for the window you want to record.


'Pin' didn't work for me as the recording still skipped between me and the guest. I did find another workaround though - if you 'Spotlight' the guest, only their video records. However, you can only spotlight a participant in a meeting of three or more people, so I have to join the meeting on my phone from my personal account as a dummy third participant to be able to spotlight the guest.


C'mon @Anonymous give us the Spotlight feature in a two-person meeting!